Thursday, March 15, 2012

black october and december

this is gonna be the most condensed post ever. i mean it. it's so going to be the most saturated post for the time being.

so, lets review what happened since i last blogged? let's see how much i can rmb? hmm, i know my memory kinda sucks... lol watever.. i wil write down whatever i could recall..

1. After ma internals, which was around october, i got diagnosed with a fatal disease.i could really die from this disease if i didnt get medication. i was like 'why me?' but, still lucky me. luckily i go and visit doctor earlier and he told me the condition is SUPER serious that half of the organ is infected by the virus. WHAT! this tiny little virus or watever u wanna called it attacked my body without my knowledge. the condition is so critical that i stayed in hospital for around 1 week. then after taking the medication, all the side effects tortured me really well! i got nausea, vomiting all the food that I ate, bloating and i got VERY TIRED!

when i was in the hospital, i din feel anything. i was quite comfortable staying there. but, when i was told to shift to an isolation room, it was SO SCARY! there were nights where insomnia hits me T,T and there was nobody that i could reach. none of my family is there to accompany me.. actually they were not encourage to..

the most difficult thing is not combating with the disease but also studying for ACCA at the same time. it's the GOD DAMN ACCA, man! and i took 3 papers in an attempt.. crap, how am i going to study when i was sleeping more than three quarter of the day..

2.when i tot there's nothing that could go even worse than this, i mean getting infected by this fatal disease, my grandpa passed away on the first day of my examination. i remembered it was 9.20am in the morning, when i was doing my final revision for P3 Business Analysis, my dad got a call from the hospital informing my grandpa just passed away from a heart attack. Not only my tears filled my eyes, all the sad feelings feel my stomach...

not to mention after that, my whole family became so chaotic. This bad news just struck us out of no where. Me, being me, get lost and started crying for quite sometime. Apparently,when i entered the exam hall, i was completely blank. Luckily, my little brain continued to function after a few minutes.P1 and P3 was still ok, but god damn P2, it's so freaking hard that i felt like i am going to passed out in the exam hall.

All i can do inside the exam hall was to write whatever that came into my mind. There's no room for u to think. NO THINKING IS REQUIRED FOR ACCA. U JUST NID TO CRAP ALL THE SHIT!


then i leave it all to god, luckily GOD DO LISTEN TO PRAYERS.

not only i PASSED all the 3 papers, i passed them with flying colors.
i am one of the highest scorer in my college.
it's completely unbelievable, viewing my condition at the time.

Friday, October 7, 2011

please wake up
how i hope what is in the video is going to happen to me. but,,i dun think im a lucky girl to have someone who cares and loves me with all his heart.


stop those fantasy. this is not gonna happen. dun listen to others, please. little brain please tell the heart and will to listen to u. dun cause me trouble. i dun wan the same thing to happen twice. i dun hav enough tears for it.

btw, the feeling of inferior can u pls go away. shooo shooo

Sunday, October 2, 2011


so yeah, results released on fri.
and i got an A- and 2B+ this sem. not very good but im quite satisfied with it.

A- for my Corporate Reporting, which i tot i would scored an A. kinda disappointed hmm..

B+ for P3 is within my expectation tho, i didnt complete all d ques. with the 20marks donated to the 'charity', i would consider i answered pretty well in the other questions that i attempted. LOL

BUT, B+ for my GRE is so out of my expectation. i tot i would at least gt an A- for tat, with all those tips and pass year papers. but sad thingg...

btw, somebody told me i got ranked 8/9 in my course. funneh tho. my result isnt tat good. i believe there r many others who performed even much better than me.. but oh well...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

happy holidays

morning world.
it rained super heavy from yesterday night until now it is still raining and my house is now surrounded by water. when i got up, i was like OH WOW! second time in this month! LOL

so, it's holidays again. so excited about it :D im totally exhausted after my finals. studying the 3 professional papers aint a joke. the stress and the pile of materials tat u hav to study b4 u can enter the exam hall is sky high. and also thanks to the freaking stress my allergy re-visit me again. now,scars are all over my 2 legs. super duper ugly ==

haha. cant wear shorts b4 it recover d huh?! T.T

duncare duncare. coz im going to thailand tmr :D yeah babe, im coming! kinda excited coz this is actually my first time travelling overseas with a bunch of friends, even tho it's just 4hours away journey only. LOL

btw, im such a procrastinator. havent even start packing my stuffs. gahhhh wish i could change this behavior....

one ques i was wondering, why everyone is travelling overseas nowadays huh? is everyone tat rich? i mean compared to last time travelling overseas isnt tat common right? only those filthy rich can afford tat. hmm.. btw, i wanna go koreaaaaaaa. pleaseeee especially after seeing this by 2pm and miss A.

oh god. grant my wish pleassseee

Friday, May 6, 2011


i cried for the 3rd time in this 2weeks.

why why why? why did the same damn thing happens to me after 4years?

i hate myself for thinking this and that when im nt supposed to.
i hate myself for crying over sth which i believe i did nothing wrong.
i hate myself for being that weak and helpless when it comes to friendship problems.

why im always the one begging for others, as if i did anything wrong, when i didnt.

i apologized to a fren who betrayed me when i was in secondary. i choose to be-friend again with her by saying sry to her when she was the 1 who supposed to apologize.

and, i think im going to do the same thing again this time. why? im really sad.

wat's more, i dunhav anyone to talk to. all my close frens are not with me. all i can do was staring at the computer, typing this crap thing, letting my tears blurred my vision.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



why things keep on happening to me recently? first, there was this journal thinggy. why why why? i am so worried tat it will affect the 2 seniors who worked with me. i really broke into tears when my fren told me about the incident. i cried not bcoz i m worried that i will be questioned by the managers, but it's my seniors. if it costs them their career, wat should i do? T.T hell worried, even till now. i tried convincing myself nothing is going to happen. but, recently i was being told that another person who was directly involved resigned, i dun even knw whether was it due to that incident. what should i do? what m i supposed to do? I m so darn worried tat my seniors will be questioned.

they should hav at least told me tat this thing happened but they choose to kip it away frm me. they told me nth about tat incident. if it's not my fren, i guess i would not knw about this forever in my life. mayb they hid the truth jz bcoz they wanted to protect me and it's not really my fault. but, i think i should somehow bear some responsibility. if and only if i had asked the seniors, this would not have happened. but how should i knw i m not allowed to do tat? T.T

feeling very helpless at this moment.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

[OPV] Taecyeon&Junsu Couple You're my Destiny

2PM, simply the best!!!!

i really love them. go 2pm!
they nvr fail to put a smile on my face. go my boys :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

comeback2011 hahaha

i, myself created my own comeback! hahaha sounded so much like korean artists huh! xD

weeee~ it's holidays again.
hahaa btw, people should have realised that i only update my blog during my holidays. tis time i have about half-year long holidays but hell it seems that i only have 1month or less holidays as im going to start my internship with KPMG right after the CNY! by right, i shall be working on 7th, but recently I was told to start working on 9th, which is so super duper great! hahaha

oh yeah CNY~ i love CNY! with all the new clothes, new stuffs and not to mention- the FOOODSSS!

im so into the mood of writing things but my head is telling me off. AHHHH FEVER go away! dont ya spoil my holidays mood~

ok then, shall update when my headache goes away.

Monday, April 26, 2010

대성 오빠


생일축하합니다 :D

행복하세요 화이팅!!

나 진짜 사랑해~♥ 빅뱅 빅뱅 빅뱅